Brotherhood Of The Circle


Qualifications For Membership in The Brotherhood Of The Circle


1. Honor – A man of self-governing consciousness, mindful of the value of his word and the necessity of keeping commitments; Worthy of the trust of other men absent of lies, embellishment and overstatement.


2. Head of Household or Leader of a Business Organization – possessing a working understanding of the demands and responsibilities of leadership. Practitioner of a philosophy that dictates the definition of leader as the individual who arrives the earliest, departs the latest, works the hardest and sacrifices the most.


3. Prepared to share and learn – Able to meet to discuss and explore our common experiences as men perceiving themselves as Master/Dominant/Leaders. Harbor a willingness to teach and to learn from others through a sharing of information.


4. Progressive Thinker – Help Make our circle a place where we can access operational information, share funding resources, discuss potential and create new businesses to fund some of our organization’s goals. We actively seek new situations and/or opportunities to collectively benefit The Brotherhood Of The Circle.


5. Role Model - Accept that our currently invisible group intends to become more visible in the future. We hold ourselves up as examples to novices and others who seek the safety and comfort of true Master/Dominant/Leader.