We perpetuate the concept of the male head-of-family, by stepping up to claim our right to exist, flourish and accumulate wealth for our family’s futures. This group of men seeks to accumulate the power needed to assist each other, within the sanctuary of an active business cooperative.


As a group, we have already paid a price to history, which has earned us the right to exist within the common community. Yet even under circumstances wherein the rights of a man to choose the path for his family are eroded by family court judges, we have quietly gone about the task of independently building our respective worlds.


An alliance with other Kings of a like mindset is not at all an unusual desire. Together we can build a quietly functioning, inter cooperative and incredibly powerful nation of men in our own peer group. Imagine a ”special interest” group of our own to address concerns particular to us and directly beneficial to us.


You are invited to join in the discussion, work together with us to help find options and solutions. Inside this Circle no criticism of your choices or judgments of your paths come to bear. We examine all our concepts and perceptions, while seeking options through which to address issues common to us.


Please reach out if you have an interest in learning more about our agenda.