Brotherhood Of The Circle

The focus and direction of our plan provides an opportunity for us to identify those who can see the vision as clearly as we do. Our search for sustaining members is fully underway with your review of this document. Specifics are intentionally excluded because those specifics are divulged only to full circle members.


Within the lifestyle we have chosen there exists many, many organizations. A few of them are minimally functional while most others are merely lists of individual’s names. We come to introduce you to a functional organization of Male Dominants. An organization that by design is made up of peers which will provide you an avenue of association with other strong men, of integrity.


This organization is borne of our desires to be in the company of and work with experienced like-minded leaders. There is no difficulty in envisioning the advantages of working with other real men. Real men are accustomed to finishing the tasks that they begin. As a group composed of leaders, we are able to replace the effort and time wasting motions that plagues others, with actions committed to the culmination of successful experiences.


As leaders of our respective worlds, organizations and functions, we are all administrators. It is easily accepted that we direct, guide, plan and execute with deftness. By coming together as brothers to exercise our collective wills, we can forge a nationally cohesive unit. With meeting technologies available via Internet and Satellite, we can eliminate any perceived restriction of geography to our efforts.




Our Mission