Brotherhood Of The Circle


Functionally we take a lesson from the sphere, the strongest and most dependable shape in nature. Equal on all sides, every molecule adds a commensurate degree of support to the load, thus allowing that load to move with ease in any direction. The Circle, derived from the shape of the sphere, is the basis of our operational concept. The members of our organization think, plan and act in a perfect circle. The input of all is required, no voice supersedes another. When we speak to the at-large public, we do so in one voice, with one direction and with one intent.


Our Circle is a source of peer council and support. The Circle also provides us with opportunities to grow/prosper, through the development of individual investments and investment plans, to help secure the futures of our families and organization. With provisions to disseminate information and pursue education, we can improve both our standings in the community as well as develop opportunities for advancing individual personal finances.


Ideas become plans, plans become roadmaps to action, but only if the action is initiated. When acted on, our plan will become a reality through the effort of our collective wills. Here before you is the first step in a long but very fruitful journey.


Information is the key to perception, so we are asking our member prospects to provide us with some minimal information. The same information we ask of you will be made available to you about your brothers, once you are accepted as a full member of our Circle. This information is accessible only to the Circle Membership Committee. In the future, it will be accessible to full members of the Circle, exclusively.


If that which the Circle offers is what you seek and desire fill out the the Questionnaire.