Brotherhood Of The Circle


Honor is not simply a word we use for convenience. Often, it is much easier to surrender to the moment and simply ignore that piece of litter lying on the ground. However, the standard by which Brother-members judge one another, does not allow us access to the easier way.


Brotherhood Of The Circle members work hard to foster a condition of respect and honesty among our group. The honorable route will commonly not be the easiest one, but we accept our responsibility to follow it in deference to the other men that we represent.


A smattering of unscrupulous males continues to try posing as an honored member of this organization. Some may or may not, have at one time applied for membership in this alliance. Any person attempting to project a fake association within the Brotherhood Of The Circle is committing fraud and should not be trusted on any front.


Former status as an applicant or prospect to this group, does not qualify a person to claim membership or even former member status. We appreciate all reports of those posing as members or affiliates and we will hold those reports in the strictest of confidence.


For the sake of personal privacy, only members-in-good-standing of the Brotherhood Of The Circle Inc. may access our complete members list. Any full member is authorized to certify the credentials of a genuine member of the organization.


If you are seeking information about an alleged or former member of this organization however, contact any member known to you, email or call (800) 347-8945.