Brotherhood Of The Circle

A few years ago, a new group proposed an idea long harbored in our minds. What if an organization were born composed of individuals whose visions and life practices, parallel or at least reflect, the personal views of many Dominant men leading households in today’s world?


In theory, such a group of men could congregate, author and put in to practice actions beneficial to the whole of the alliance. Though the question was never answered in that particular group, the concept offered promise then and is at least as valid today.


Common to all of us, is the desire to lead our family to the security afforded by attaining personal, physical success. That potential can be profoundly interrupted by injury or economic loss. An entire world could see a turn around in its global economy. Under normal circumstances, the Dominant man is left to face such consequences alone.


Every “special interest” group on the planet has or is currently, positioning themselves to perpetuate their own sector. It should be no different for us. We have watched gay; fem-dom and lesbian sectors grow their economic, religious and social organizations, into giants while we languish outside the benefit of such impact.


An alliance of peers provides an option quite uncommon to the Dominant man; access to a support system which nurtures and honestly heralds his desire to choose, guide and govern his family, according to his own vision. However, the membership also stands ready to aid one another in difficult times. No ankle grabbing, disrespect or judgment in the process, only Dominant men helping Dominant men.