Brotherhood Of The Circle


6. Work together – To present a coherent, singular vision to the world, reflecting our collectively developed philosophy.


7. Brotherhood – The unwavering conviction that the Brotherhood exceeds all commitments except those that affect the well- being of one’s family.


8. Self Sufficiency – Able to demonstrate his capability to lead by example. The Circle member’s own life should be in a state of order that demonstrates the leader’s level of focus and premise of presentation.


9. Organization - Ours’ is an organization that promotes and recognizes the Master/Dominant/Leader’s responsibility as head of his family. We are a cooperative group dedicated to the personal, professional, financial and philosophic growth of its members through continuing education, development and support.


10. Commitment – To the concept that as leader “I” is my last consideration in the equation that governs my responsibility to my family, my organization and my word.


If you feel you possess these basic tenets and would like to learn more about the Brotherhood Of The Circle .




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